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Saturday, April 3, 2021

For the first time in human history! This child born with three private parts, know a surprising story

This is probably the first time in human history when a child is born with three private parts i.e. penis (sex). 
This Iraq child is the first reported case of a three-sexed triphalia. Born in Duhok, Mosul, Iraq, the family of this child was stunned when he went to the doctor three months after birth complaining of swelling in the private part.

According to Dr. Shakir Salim Jabali, who authored this report in a study published in the International Journal of Surgery Case Report, we have the first recorded case of three penile or triple tracheal, according to our information. The report states that there has been no such history of genetic decline in the family of this child. It is believed that when the child was in the womb, it could not come properly due to exposure to drugs, due to this it may have happened.

According to the news of the New York Post, when the child was three months old, the parents of this child reached the doctor with complaints of swelling in the scrotum. After seeing the child, doctors found that he had not one, but three penises (sex). There was a penis attached to the root of the main penis, which was 2 cm in length, while the other had a length of one centimeter, which was connected to the lower part of the main penis. 

Surprisingly, only one of the three sexes was working properly. That is, there were no urethra or ureine tubes in the other two sexes. In this way, Urine could not be released through them. After this investigation, the doctors decided to remove those two extra sexes through the surgeon. 

After this, the doctors performed the operation and after that both sexes were removed. However, after a year of follow up, it was considered problem free. Let us tell you that a similar case was observed in India in 2015, when a child had two sexes. But its documentation was not published or its report was not published in any journal, due to this, the present case is being considered as the first case. 

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