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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Electricity bill can be reduced by 90% from solar AC, save your money every month

Without running AC in the heat, work does not work. 
Many people have installed 2 to 3 ACs in the houses. Due to this electricity bill is very high, which often spoils the budget of the people. But these days, solar ACs have also come in the market. It is more economical than electric AC. This can reduce your electricity bill by 90 percent. So how does this AC work and let's know its characteristics.

Price higher but electricity bill lower

Solar AC can be purchased in capacities of 1, 1.5 and 2 tons. Their price is slightly higher than electric AC, but considering the cost of electricity, they prove to be economical. This will reduce your electricity bill by 90%. There are many companies making solar AC in the Indian market now. The company provides solar plate, inverter, battery and other accessories related to its installation along with AC.

5 stars save more money than AC

There is a large range of AC powered in the market. In which the demand for AC with 5 star rating is very high. Because they eat less electricity, but solar AC saves a lot more rupees than 5 star AC.

This is how solar AC works

In order to make the solar AC work properly, the solar plate is installed according to the tonnage. For example, 1500 Watt solar plates are fitted with 1 tonne solar AC. The plate is connected to the inverter and the battery. The battery is charged with the energy the solar plate produces from the sun. AC runs with the help of these batteries. Because these inverter are AC then easily run from the battery.

There is also an option to run with electricity

If you are wondering how solar AC will run if it never gets sunny, then let us tell you that in solar AC you also have the option to run with electricity. You can also run it with lightning if there is no sunlight.

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