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Monday, April 26, 2021

Do not ignore these symptoms after the corona report is negative

The number of corona-infected patients is increasing quite rapidly daily. New thing related to corona virus is coming out. At the same time, corona patients with mild symptoms are coming forward. Complaints are coming from many places, despite having corona symptoms, test results are coming negative. There are two types of tests for screening of corona infection, RT-PCR and antigen test. Let us know why negative report comes after all symptoms, what to do if the report comes negative when symptoms occur.

How are corona tests done RP-PCR Real Time Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction. The nose or throat swab is taken in this test. RT-PCR tests reveal whether a person is infected with the corona virus.

Why negative report comes after all the symptoms Reports are negative due to omissions during swab taking, incorrectly swabing or because of the low amount of fluid to keep the virus active. Sometimes the viral load in the patient's body is very low, so a negative report comes despite the symptoms.

Does eating and drinking water affect the corona By drinking water or eating something before the Kovid 19 test, RT-PCR can affect the result.

What to do if the report is negative when you have symptoms If the RT-PCR result is negative after all symptoms, then the patient should be tested again after 5 to 6 days. If the test comes negative after the symptoms, then consult the doctor and start treatment.

What is long kovid Patients with mild symptoms of Kovid-19 recover within 1 to 2 weeks. It takes 6-7 weeks for a patient with severe symptoms to recover. Even after the patient reports negative after recovery from Kovid 19, if there is mild cough, headache, body pain, trouble in breathing, it is called Long Kovid.

Do not ignore these symptoms of long covid 

Loss of appetite- Many patients do not return to their tasting capacity after recovery from the disease, due to which they do not feel hungry and do not feel like eating.

Shortness of breath- Corona virus has a lot of difficulty in breathing. This problem persists even after recovering from the corona. The patient has trouble breathing for several weeks. To avoid this problem, do breathing exercises.

Tiredness and Headache- Headache and body fatigue persist during corona virus infection. Many times, even after the corona report is negative, the patient feels headache and fatigue for several weeks. Consult a doctor if you have more headaches or fatigue.

Constant cough , cold - Even after curing, cold and cough persist. The cough troubles for several months. If you cough for a month after the negative report of Kovid, then you have a long Kovid, that is, the effect of virus remains in the body. In such a situation, don't ignore it.

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