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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Cucumber can become poison for your health, Carefully read this before eating

Cucumber Side Effects: Summer has begun. 
In this season, doctors recommend eating more green vegetables and fruits. In summer people eat less food and eat more salad. It is believed that food is not digested early in the summer. For this reason, most people include healthy food in their diet.

If we talk about salads, then most of the people like to eat cucumber salad in this season. Cucumber is very beneficial for health as it contains 95 percent water. Cucumbers contain vitamin C, vitamin K, magnesium, manganese, potassium, copper, and silica. These are very beneficial for our body.

Eating too much cucumber is harmful for health

Although cucumber is very rich in nutrients, but sometimes these benefits can be harmful for your body. So if you are going to eat cucumber then eat it very thoughtfully. Many people eat 10 to 12 cucumbers throughout the day during dieting. If you are also involved in such people, then you should be alert immediately.

Excessive cucumber is considered poison to the body. Cucumbers should never be eaten at night. There is a saying in Ayurveda that "diamond in the morning, cucumber in the day and pain in the night". This means that eating cucumber in the morning benefits the health the most. During the day cucumber is normal for our health, while at night cucumber is very harmful for us. 

Do not accidentally drink water after eating cucumber

Cucurbitins, a toxic compound, are found in cucumbers. Therefore, it can act as poison for those who eat more cucumber. If you eat more cucumber, then this toxin spreads more in our body. Because of this, you can fall prey to many problems. Avoid drinking water immediately after eating cucumber. If you drink water after eating cucumber, it can cause diarrhea and loose motion.

Not only this, excessive cucumber can cause many diseases related to liver, gall bladder, pancreatic and kidney. So avoid eating excessive cucumber. If you eat cucumber at night, then you may suffer from cold, phlegm and breath related diseases. Eating too much cucumber may cause you to get ducker.

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