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Sunday, April 11, 2021

COVID-19 Oral Symptoms: These 5 Symptoms of Corona Virus Can Appear on Your Mouth, Understand and Get Tested

Corona virusSymptoms are increasing rapidly. Loss of smell and tasteCorona virusAre among the most definite symptoms of. These may take weeks to fully recover. According to studies, these symptoms have appeared in more than 60% of the total corona cases.

he corona does not affect the lungs but it is also damaging other parts of the body. Some symptoms of corona have also started appearing on the mouth, which you can easily detect. 

According to a new study by the National Institutes of Health published in the scientific journal Nature Medicine, about half of the corona virus sufferers suffer from mouth symptoms during infection.

According to the NIH study, the symptoms associated with Corona's mouth can be mild and severe. These symptoms may also appear in those who do not have classic symptoms of corona such as cough or fever. We are telling you about some such symptoms that you should understand and get tested immediately.

Dry Mouth Dry mouth 

syndrome is commonly associated with viral infections, autoimmune disorders, and is now also associated with corona. This means that saliva is not produced properly in the mouth, which lubricates the mouth, aids digestion and, most importantly, protects the mouth from bad bacteria and other pathogens.

Blisters or wounds 

corona can cause inflammatory problems as the virus attacks the muscles. This swelling may appear as sores or ulcers. It can be seen on the tongue or lips. 

In some people this symptom may be present in the form of ulcers, burns and allergies. While there is no better way to get relief from these wounds, you should avoid the intake of certain things.

Covid tongue 

This is a well-known viral symptom. However there is no exact reason for this. The corona affects the tongue. Patients also experience burning and swelling on the surface of the tongue with this symptom. Some doctors associate it with skin rashes.

Symptoms like changing the color of the tongue and changing the color of the tongue in white patch corona patients are also being seen. Burning and swelling of the mouth can make the tongue feel awkward. This may cause burning sensation in the mouth, tingling in the lips and tongue. It can also cause a change in the color of the tongue. Not only this, white patches can also be seen on the tongue.

Do not ignore the symptoms. Remember that changes in mouth and tongue are not yet the exact symptoms of corona and may not affect everyone. However, with the changing behavior of the virus and an increase in cases, any symptoms and sudden, unusual symptoms are worth examining. 

If you experience unusual changes or experience other symptoms, consider getting a test done as soon as possible. Isolate yourself and seek medical help.

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