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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Covid-19 can be even more dangerous for your private life, know what the expert says

Epidemics have had a profound effect on people's lives, especially their sex lives. 
S.I.U. Medical Chief of Health Services Dr. Kelly Ferrell said she believes safety needs to be a priority. "I think I would always recommend knowing safe sex and your partner," Ferrell said. "In Covid's time, you need to know more about your partner, you need to know more about the risks you are taking."

For safety reasons, Ferrell recommends trying to avoid sex. "The best way to avoid risk is to stay away from sex. How much risk you take is up to you. Wearing a mask and keeping a distance as recommended by the CDC is the best way to prevent the spread of [Covid-19], ”Ferrell said.

Andrew Simmons મુખ્ય 'Fallon, chief of the Sofmore Business Administration, Illinois, said there are various uses of dating apps, but try to be safe when using them.

"[I] try to check and find out who they are," Sims said. "People should say they're socially isolated and they make more than one video call, or both parties think they're okay."

‘I tried to verify and find out who they are,’ says Simmons. People should say that they are socially distant and if both parties feel right then they would prefer to make a video call instead of meeting each other.

Simmons added that she likes to make sure her other partner is comfortable and safe when she has sex.

Maybe my partner needs it so I always keep hand sanitizer and mask with me in the car and also try to talk to them. Said Simmons. Simmons said he thinks mutual masturbation helps keep you safe and that there's something new with your partner.

Simmons said, “The dating app is thrilling and a good option. Simmons said that even though he used it, he still would not recommend students using dating apps and having sex with people they did not know. "I think during this time we just need to be aware of others, especially if you haven't met them before," Simmons said. "Get to know them and show more interest in the other person's personality instead of trying to have sex."

A variety of sex options also exist and are especially helpful during the Covid-19 epidemic. "Masturbation is definitely a great option to stay safe," said Sam and adult store manager Nicole Code in Elton, Illinois. The use of toys] is safer than meeting someone and possibly getting sick, "Kode said. He also said he firmly believes in the importance of masturbation with or without sex toys for health.

Your physical and mental well-being “Sexual health is important. Kode said. "At this time of year, not only is it more important to release sex but it is more important to do it safely," he said, referring to Lamati. "Think before you take a risk and talk to your sexual partner," Ferrell said.

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