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Monday, April 26, 2021

Coronavirus Alert: Don't spit anywhere, Corona is also spread by saliva, Know Expert Advice

 infections also occur from saliva present in the mouth, so those taking dental or oral treatments need to be more careful. Dentists also need to be very careful about this. According to one study, the presence of the virus in the saliva of a person infected with corona is more than 90 percent. When this saliva comes out of the mouth with saliva or blood, it also infects people who come in contact with it. Dentists advise that in this period of infection, everyone should take great care of their teeth so that they do not have any problems related to the teeth and do not give a chance to develop a properly done garra infection. According to dentist Dr. Manish Verma, saliva is very likely to contain the virus.

Thus the body temperature, case history and heart rate of the people coming to the clinic are measured. The required protocol is also followed. As far as treatment is concerned, the treatment is done 4-5 days after the examination of the patient, in which a device has to be used inside his mouth. If a person is infected, it is known in a few days. However, patients should gargle with betadine or chlorhexidine gluconate for two days before contacting the dentist so that the infection does not remain in the saliva to a large extent.

Rinse immediately after coming out

Dentist Dr. According to Rachna Paliwal, teeth and gums should be taken care of during this period of transition so that you do not have to go to the doctor. At their own level, they can be careful not to spread the disease from one patient to another, but patients must also be careful. The virus must stop spitting anywhere for the virus in the saliva of the infected and when it spits here and there to reach people it comes in contact with.

When to go to the doctor

  • Take your time first so you can avoid the crowds
  • Need a rinse and brush of betadine before going to the doctor
  • Rinse after coming from the doctor
  • After coming from the clinic, let the clothes dry and wash the hands and mouth thoroughly.
  • Keep home-loaded boot-slippers out of the house
  • Also sanitize gadgets as soon as they come home

Take care of the teeth this way

  • Rinse after eating anything
  • Please need a brush in the morning and at night
  • Brush only for 3 to 5 minutes
  • Need a brush after eating something sweet and sticky

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