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Friday, April 16, 2021

Corona virus has a serious effect on men's sexual life than women ...

 , an important piece of information related to Corona has come to light According to him, men are becoming more victims of corona than women. The reason behind this is that testosterone levels are lower in men. Their immunity cannot cope with the corona and it reaches a critical stage. Even the deficiency of this male hormone is leading to the death of a large number of men.

The work of testosterone

How your body's immune system works and how it reacts to viruses depends largely on the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is involved in most of the immune processes in our body. It also involves helping to make antibodies against the virus.

Testosterone levels and function in men

The hormone testosterone is present in the body of both men and women. But it is primarily a male hormone as it plays a key role in regulating men's sex life. If testosterone levels in men are low, their immune system does not work properly. According to one study, 60 percent of testosterone is sufficient in women, and less than 68 percent in men.

This is because even at 68 percent, this hormone cannot give an anti-inflammatory response in men. Even in 60 percent of women, their immune system is working properly and they start making antibodies.

The need for testosterone in the fight against corona

Ever since the corona outbreak, there have been ongoing studies on the virus. Similar research has shown that testosterone levels in men are lower than normal. They are rushing into the corona and their body cannot fight against the corona as it should.  

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