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Friday, April 9, 2021

Chaitra Navratri 2021: Do not do this work in Navratri, otherwise it may cause harm

There are only a few days left for the Navratri festival to begin. 
This time Chaitra Navratri is starting from April 13 and will end on April 21. Navratri has special significance in Hinduism. In these nine days, the nine forms of Maa Durga are worshiped by law. Many people keep fast during this time. The devotees who observe the fast during these nine days have to follow certain rules. Let's know about those rules.

1. During fasting during Navratri, one should not take garlic, onion and meat-nettle. Do not leave the house empty if you have installed a urn in the house, a monolithic flame or have organized a mother's post.

2. Fasters should not get beard-mustache, hair and nails cut during Navratri.

3. Do not worship Maa Durga by wearing black clothes. You can wear red and yellow clothes at this place.

4. People keeping the fast should not use slippers, shoes and belts.

5. During this time one should follow Brahmacharya.

6. According to Vishnu Purana, those observing fast should not sleep during the day during Navratri.

7. Those who fast on Navratri should do phalhari. Cereals and salt should not be consumed during these nine days. You can use Singhade flour, rock salt, potato, dry fruits, peanuts etc. to open the fast.

8. If the person keeping the fast should not talk to anyone while reciting Durga Chalisa or Durga Saptashati. By doing this, worship is considered incomplete.

Auspicious time for reduction

On the first day of Navaratri, Ghata Sthapana or Kalash Sthapana is done. After this, for the next nine days, worship this Kalash with the law. This brings happiness and prosperity in the home. Many people do not place an urn in Navratri. Only worship and recite the vow. The auspicious time to place the urn will be on 13 April 2021 from 5.28 am to 19:14 in the morning. Worshiping Goddess Durga on the nine days of Navratri is pleasing and fulfills all your wishes.

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