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Friday, April 16, 2021

Benefits of Giloy: Giloy is effective in corona virus, use it to boost immunity

Corona Virus cases in India are creating new records day by day. 
The Kovid-19 pandemic has taken a devastating form across the country and is creating a massive orgy. In the last 24 hours, 2,17,353 new cases have been reported across the country, while 1185 people have died. In order to avoid the dangerous effects of coronavirus, it is very important to maintain the immunity system of the body. In order to boost the immune system in this era of corona virus, today we are going to tell you some special things about Giloy. Before that, let us tell you that Giloy plays an important role in strengthening the immunity system.

Rich in medicinal properties Giloy
Giloy is a simple plant, which spreads on any tree in the form of fry. Giloy's creeper is like a rope to see. The most special thing about Giloy is that its vines never dry up. Giloy is rich in many medicinal properties, which along with increasing the immunity of our body, gives many other benefits. It is very beneficial for the stomach. Apart from this, it also works effectively in dangerous diseases like TB.

How to consume
Giloy Drinking a decoction of Giloy's vines is considered to be most effective. However, many times people do not get Giloy. In this case, you can also take Giloy juice and Giloy tablets. Giloy juice and Giloy tablets are available from many companies in the market.

If you would like to drink a decoction of Giloy, then keep in mind that its quantity should be 20 to 30 ml. Apart from this, if you want to consume Giloy juice, then you can drink 20 ml of juice in a glass of water. Apart from this, if you can also take Giloy tablets. Keep in mind that you must consult your doctor before consuming Giloy.

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