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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Movie Review: Searching for Sheela

- Searching for Sheela

Star Cast- Maa Anand Sheela

Director- Shakun Batra

Star - 1.5

Karan Johar and Shakun Batra have brought a documentary on mother Anand Sheela, the secretary of spiritual guru Osho i.e. Lord Rajneesh. Mother Anand Sheela has been in a lot of discussion in the 80s. On this, Karan Johar wanted to make a film but it could not happen, then he has made a documentary on the life of mother Anand Sheela, which has been released on Netflix. Audiences had high hopes from this documentary. Because he thought he would get to see many stories of the mysterious kingdom of Osho.

What a story

Before this almost 1-hour documentary, Karan Johar wanted to make a film with Alia Bhatt but that could not happen. Talking about the story, a few years ago, mother Anand Sheela came to India, in which some visuals of her trips to Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Pune are shown. Also, some great footage of Osho has been shown in 1980. Some of his sayings have been repeated again and again which do not entice the audience. Mother Anand Sheela has been seen in the documentary describing herself as Osho's girlfriend, while Osho has only described her as his clever secretary.

In 1986, in the Rajnish Bio-Terror Attack, the US court found the mother Anand Sheela guilty of attempted murder and harassment. In this case she was sentenced to 20 years in prison, but she spent only 39 months in jail and she came out. After her release from prison, Sheila moved to Switzerland. Meanwhile, Sheila was charged with the murder of US federal prosecutor Charles Turner. In 1999, Sheila was found guilty by the Swiss court of this murder. She bought two nursing homes in Switzerland, in which she worked to serve the elderly. To know what happens next in the story, you will have to watch the documentary.

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Talking about searching for Sheela, you are not going to see anything full of mystery in it. Nothing different will be seen in it. You will get to see what mother Anand Sheela has shown. Many journalists and Karan Johar will be seen asking her questions, but she is seen showing a smile on her face in response to every question.

Why not see

If you have watched the documentary Wild Wild Country of Netflix, then there is not much difference between this and this documentary. If you want to see another movie on the weekend, you can watch it.

Why see:

If you do not know anything about Osho and mother Anand Sheela, then this weekend you can watch this 1-hour documentary.

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