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Saturday, April 3, 2021

Movie Review - Flight

Film: Flight

Star Cast: Mohit Chadha, Zakir Hussain and Pawan Malhotra

Director: Suraj Joshi

These days, where the biggest stars are afraid to release their films after seeing the situation of Kovid. On the other hand, today i.e. on April 2, Director Suraj Joshi has released his film Flight. Mohit Chadha is starting his career through this film. Apart from Mohit, the film stars Pawan Malhotra, Zakir Hussain, Vivek Vaswani and Shibani Bedi in the lead roles. Now if you are also planning to watch the film, then read this review first.


The flight begins with a flight in which Ranveer Malhotra (Mohit Chadha) was struggling to find a black box and that flight would crash at any moment. However, many people have lost their lives in the meantime. These flights, however, are billed by Ranvir's team and hence it is necessary for him to find a black box so that he can do the investigation as the share holders are against him and hence he will come in this flight. Now whether Ranveer can be successful in this mission or not, you will have to watch the film.


Flight is such a perfect cinematic experience giving film that the audience has been waiting for a long time to see it on the theater. Whether it is story, performance or visual effects, everyone's hard work is seen in the film. However, at some places some scenes of the film were anticipated. Much effort has been made to make the film realistic, which you will also find. Production and cinematography are quite good.

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The enthusiasm with which the film starts starts slowing down a bit after the interval. You will like the climax though. Good work done on VFX. Editing could have been better. One thing that was very good about the film is that no scene was added to it, nor were any unnecessary songs added to it. Overall, it is worth watching in a movie theater because it has action, spice and suspense. The end of the film also raises some questions. Actually, after a few scenes of the end, it looks like another part of this film can also come.


Mohit Chadha looked like a newcomer in the film who copies every big star, in the film he has spoken famous dialogues of many stars. That maturity was not seen in Mohit's acting and he will have to work a lot on it. The rest of the supporting actors of the film like Zakir Hussain and Pawan Malhotra have done a fantastic job. However, the writers should have made their character a little more strong.

See why

Story of this type has been seen less for some time, so if you want to go to the theater and watch the film, then you will not be disappointed to see this film.

Rating: 3

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