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Monday, March 8, 2021

West Bengal Election 2021: Read 10 big things of PM Modi at Brigade Rally

 trying to overthrow the TMC power of Bengal BJP showed its strength in the Brigade rally on Sunday. In the brigade rally, the BJP gathered crowds of millions of activists and supporters. Actor Mithun Chakraborty, who arrived in today's brigade gathering, once again became an actor-to-leader. He joined the BJP. Addressing the brigade rally on this day, PM Modi attacked the state government on many issues. PM Modi has targeted the Congress and the Left from TMC. Let us tell you about 10 big things of PM Modi in Brigade rally-

1- TMC Clean in Half Legislative Assembly in Lok Sabha: Addressing the gathering on this day, PM Modi said that TMC Half in Lok Sabha Elections and this time Assembly Elections will be completely clean. The PM said that the Mamta government of the state has broken the trust of the people. Our only goal now is to change power in Bengal. We will take Bengal towards development. For this, the goal we set will definitely be fulfilled.

2- What should we do if Scooty decides to fall in Nandigram ?: While addressing the gathering on this day, PM Modi took a dig at Mamta Banerjee. Actually a few days ago, CM Mamata reached the State Secretariat by electric scooty against the rising prices of petro-diesel. While returning home in the evening, he also used electric scooty. Today, PM Modi took a dig at Mamta Banerjee and said that few days ago you took over Scooty, then everyone was praying that you should be fine. It is good that you did not fall, otherwise you would have made her the enemy where she became Scooty.

3- Now also with Mithun Da in Bengal: During this meeting, PM Modi said that now Bengal has got Mithun Da's support too. He said, now there is also Mithunji, Banglar Chhale among us. With the blessings of Loknath Baba, he is reaching the common man. After the humming of the brigade today, some people will feel that 2 May has arrived today. The people of Bengal are drawn to Sonar Bangla. The whole of Bengal is saying in one voice, R. Nyoya injustice. This is a reflection of the dwindling days of the TMC government. It needs to be heard by the whole country.

4- Why does Didi get so angry ?: The Prime Minister said that Didi uses all kinds of words in her speech. He sometimes called me a demon and sometimes spoke to Ravana. I want to ask, why does Didi Etana get angry? You all know the way the democratic system was destroyed. We will bring that change by awakening public confidence in the government system, police administration. Appointment in Bengal will come again. The plans of the center will be implemented. Attention will be paid to increase the increase in technology and technology in Bengali language.

5- Will give employment to youth in Bengal: Will give employment to youth in Bengal. Will stop migration from Bengal. You will win the heart of Bengal every moment. Whether it is North Bengal or South Bengal, everyone will be given equal attention. Where everyone's development is with everyone, this will be the mantra. Where development will be for everyone. Nobody will be appeased. Where intruders will be stopped. I have come from this brigade ground to assure real change. Faith has come to give me the confidence to invest in Bengal, to increase industry, to protect the culture and traditions of Bengal.

6- TMC upset the people of the state: PM Modi said that there was a time when Mamata Banerjee gave the slogan of change against the Left. But the 10-year-old Mamata government did not make any changes in Bengal. The TMC, which came to power in Bengal after promising to work for Maa Mati Manush, disappointed everyone. Today Manush is upset in Bengal. He sees his loved ones dying before his eyes. In the absence of treatment, he sees his own people dying.

7- PM Modi asked why didi remained confined to the same nephew's aunt: PM Modi said that Didi is the voice of Bengal. The people of Bengal are asking you the same question, they had chosen you as the Didi. But why did you committee yourself to the same nephew's aunt? He said- Didi, the youth of West Bengal today, the sons and daughters of here are asking you the same question. He chose you in the role of Didi. But why did you limit yourself to a single nephew's aunt?

8- Black hand is starting to look white for leftists today: PM Modi also targeted the left. He said that there was a time when the leftists gave the slogan, "Congressman kalon kath, bhenge dawa, jaggery dawa", but how did the same hand become white today? Today, he is walking with the blessing of the hand which he used to break.

9- In Bengal, it is the matter of mache or everything of rice: PM Modi said that it is the matter of mache in Bengal or that of rice is everything in Bengal. Now it is a matter of clear intention. The BJP government formed here will proceed with this thinking. Kolkata has future prospects. There is no reason that Kolkata should not be made a CT of future. People wish to be in the Kolkata top whistle. For this, we will work with full commitment. You must have seen the Kolkata Metro is being expanded more rapidly.

10- This land of Bengal gave energy to our values: PM Modi said that this land of Bengal has given energy to our values. This earth has laid down its life in the independence of India. This earth has increased the pride of knowledge science. This earth gave us a goal, a target, a great son who sacrificed for a leader. I salute such a pure soil several times. You have a chance to receive your blessings on this historic brigade ground.

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