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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Vastu Tips: Having These Things Doesn't Keep Money In Your Pocket

economic prosperity. Soukoi wants his pocket to always be full of money but it is not always possible for the state of wealth to remain the same. The way of keeping rupee according to Vastu Shastra shows to a large extent whether the rupee will last or not. The way to keep money is to help strengthen one's financial position. There are many difficulties if money is not kept properly.

This competency will bring home vastu tips

According to Vastu Shastra, keeping certain items in a purse is considered inauspicious. Due to which the rupee does not last in the purse. At the same time, the cost goes up. Let's find out the things that keep money in their pockets.

By the way, many people keep an old receipt, even a bill in their purse. It does not keep money in the purse. In fact Rahu has an influence on old papers and trash, so no receipt or paper should be kept in the purse.

Do not keep an iron object such as a knife or blade in a wallet or purse. It is also not considered auspicious to keep medicines in a purse. It does not save money in the pocket.

The purse should never be torn or damaged. The torn purse represents an economic crisis. So if the purse is torn, replace it immediately.

Wealth should be kept in order. According to Vastu, if the coins are lying here and there in the house, the debt may increase.

The sound of a coin in a purse should not come. In addition to this, having a small picture of Maa Lakshmi with Dhan Varsha is a blessing in disguise.

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