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Sunday, March 14, 2021

This man became a millionaire by selling milk of this animal, the price of one liter is 2628 rupees! Know why it is the most expensive

The rise in the prices of petrol-diesel and LPG in the country in the last two months has resulted in hulk. 
At the same time, due to media reports, the prices of milk are being raised. Recently, milk producers of 15 villages of Madhya Pradesh had a meeting and demanded to raise the price of milk to Rs 55 per liter in bulk. At present, milk is being sold at the rate of Rs 43 per liter.

However, how expensive are the prices of cow and buffalo milk in your area? Maximum Rs 55 to Rs 60 per liter! Do you know which animal is the most expensive milk in the world and the maximum price of a liter will be up to Rs.

Apart from cow and buffalo, sheep and goat milk are also sold in India. But you will be surprised to know that a person became a millionaire by selling mare's milk. You may be surprised to know that the price of horse milk is more than Rs 2500 per liter. Only by selling mare's milk has that person established his big business.

Demand for milk is celebrating in a big way

62-year-old Frank Shellard, who lives in Somerset, UK, is in a mare's milk business. According to the Daily Mail report , the demand for horse milk has increased in the UK. The names of many British celeb tees are also included in milk buyers. According to the report, Frank has become a millionaire by selling mare's milk. He has 14 horses.
Seeing the milk demand of these horses, Frank has started to increase his business.

Price of one liter milk is Rs.2628

The milk of the mare is packaged in a 250 ml bottle and sold. The price of one liter of milk is equivalent to 2628 rupees in Indian currency. The cost of 250 mL is more than 650 rupees. According to the report, Frank has more than 150 customers. These clients include well-known British people and celebrities.

Mare's milk is more nutritious than cow's milk!

Milk is a nutritious diet. All the major mineral substances like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, chloride and sulfur are found in it. It is found in the right quantity according to the needs of the human body. Often cow's milk is said to be beneficial.

Although Frank says that cow's milk became more popular only due to marketing and recommedation. In a media interview, Frank explains that more milk than cow's milk is found in mare's milk. They themselves drink mare's milk and it has a much better effect on their body.

According to him, there is very little fat in horse milk. In addition, it is also an excellent source of vitamin C. It also has properties like human milk. Frank also feeds his daughter and his grandmother the milk of the mare.

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