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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

These 10 symptoms seen in body may be a sign of major illness

Our body often 
gives signs of all kinds of 
diseases . But people ignore it. If you also understand such warning signs in time, the big crisis of diseases will be avoided. Doctors also believe that by recognizing this warning sign, you can assess your health.


Did you notice the color of your urine while going to the washroom? The color of urine also tells you about health. Doctors say that the color of urine should usually be light yellow. It should be noted that it does not have any strong odor, if not, then there is nothing to worry about.

Bad nails

Like the lips, your nails also indicate that you are fit or unfit. Strange lines, scars or discoloration of fingernails or toenails may indicate your discomfort. This color should always be red. The body is not in the grip of any serious disease, the nails are a big sign associated with this.

Small height

You must have heard about the increase in the size of people. But have you ever heard of a decrease in height. Too many people don’t think about this. But in reality our size may decrease. In fact it is a problem attached to the bones. Very few people here are talking about this. Whose size can be reduced due to lack of important nutrients like protein and calcium.

Body fat percentage

A healthy body requires a balance of body fat percentage. Increasing body fat percentage means that your body is becoming more fat tissue than lean tissue which is due to weak muscles. This problem is exacerbated by not doing running, walking or any other type of physical activity.

Bad breath

Swelling in the jaw often causes bad breath. But did you know that bad breath can also have a connection to your immune system? No bad breath means your immune system is healthy.

Swelling in the legs

According to a report in Redbook, swelling in the lower part of the body i.e. in the legs indicates problems related to thyroid, kidney or heart. This swelling is not necessarily caused by physical activity alone.

Dry lips

You may have seen many people who are always using lip balm because of the problem of dry lips. Constant dry lips can be a sign of a big problem in the body. According to doctors, the problem of chapped lips is due to the deficiency of vitamins in the body.


Can you get a good night's sleep? There are many secrets associated with health in a person's sleep. Eating the wrong foods, consuming too much caffeine or wasting energy from the body can lead to sleep disorders. Which indicates that you are upset.

Body temperature

It is not uncommon for limbs to stay cold. In general, the temperature in our body varies according to the temperature of the atmosphere. But if you are constantly experiencing such things then there is a need for a serious problem. Constant cold hands and feet can cause blood circulation problems in the body. There is not enough blood flowing to that part of your body where it is needed.

Bad skin

The level of health of a person is identified by the quality of the skin. Some people usually have acne. But such a problem associated with the skin can be a sign of being upset. Bad diet can cause your skin quality to deteriorate. If you notice a strange blemish on your skin then you should understand that something is wrong.

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