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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Planetary diseases are related to physical diseases, Know the remedies

It always happens that our health worsens. 
We consider it only as a physical problem, but according to astrology, every disease is related to the planets. Each planet is responsible for one or the other disease. Explain that if any planet in your horoscope is in a powerful position, then the native gets benefits from it. On the contrary, the planets are weak on the horoscope, so we get its inauspicious results and diseases are an important reason in these inauspicious results. In this article today, we will tell you which disease can be caused due to which planet and what treatment you should do for it.

Diseases related to eye and head are caused by the planet Sun-

The Sun is called the king of all the planets. Due to its inauspicious effect, the natives start getting diseases related to heart, eyes and head. If you want to strengthen the Sun God in your horoscope, then you should offer water to the Sun God every day at sunrise.

Mental illness is caused by the lunar planet-

Water is a relation of the lunar planet with the mind. In such a situation, if the lunar planet is getting weak in your horoscope, then the person starts suffering from diseases related to lungs like cough-cold and mental illness. If you want to strengthen the lunar planet in your horoscope, then you should worship Lord Shiva on Monday.

Mars is the cause of blood related diseases

Mars is associated with blood. That is why if Mars is inauspicious in the horoscope then the person starts getting more diseases related to blood. To strengthen Mars in the horoscope, one should recite Hanuman ji on Tuesday and fast on Tuesday.

Mercury is the cause of skin disease

The skin is related to the planet Mercury. When the planet Mercury starts to become weak, then the person starts getting diseases related to the skin. To make the fruit of Mercury auspicious and to remove its defect, green grass should be fed to the cow.

Obesity and stomach related diseases are the cause of Guru planet- 

Guru planet is directly related to obesity. When the planet Jupiter is weak in the horoscope, then the person starts having obesity and stomach related diseases. One should wear yellow clothes on Thursday to please the Guru planet.

Venus is the cause of sexual diseases

Although Venus is considered a factor of splendor, but a person has to face sexual ailments when it is weak in the horoscope. If Venus is to be strengthened in the horoscope, then the girls should be fed white colored sweets on Friday.

Saturn gives physical injury

If the planet Saturn is weak in the horoscope, then the person has physical exhaustion, fear of getting hurt. Child-related diseases also result from this. To make Shani strong, oilseeds should be done in the Shani temple on Saturday.

Rahu is the cause of brain pain

If Rahu is weak in horoscope, then you have diseases like brain pain, hemorrhoids, insanity. To please Rahu, please give food to leprosy, poor person, sweeper etc. This gives you the grace of Rahu.

Ketu is the cause of foot pain

If you are having diseases related to bones like - pain in the feet, weakness of the nerves, urination related diseases, then it means that Ketu is having side effects in your horoscope. To avoid this, you immediately start serving your elders and feed the sweet bread to the dog.

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