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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

People speaking OK on everything should pay attention… Do you know what is the full meaning!

Whether you are talking on the phone or you are chatting on the message… often use a word and that is OK. 
Do people who say OK when agreeing on something or on any work given by the boss, know why we say OK? What is the full form of this OK and what happens in this two letter word, so that it works for a whole sentence.

If Ok is used in your conversation too, then you need to know what is the meaning of this OK and what is its story… In this case, you know many more special things from Ok's history, which you should know…

There are many stories about OK

According to a report by Huffpost, for many years many people argued that OK came from the word okeh of the Choctaw Native American Indian tribe. At the same time, many people also claim that it has been taken from the Wolof language of Africa. Different people have many arguments about OK. The report says that an article has been published in the Smithsonian magazine about OK, in which information has been given about OK.

According to a Smithsonian magazine article, the word OK originated in the early 19th century. It has been said in the article that at this time there was a trend to make English words fashionable, that is, a word is spoken differently. Because of this, there are many such words, which have been misspelled, which have changed from their original words. Its only victim is OK. Doctor Allen Walker argues that the term derives from "Oll Korrect". This article was published in the Boston Morning Post in the year 1839.

At the same time, the same thing has been said in many reports that the word OK is used for 'All Correct', but this word has been changed to "Oll Korrect". Because of this, the word became OK instead of AC. In such a situation, it can be said that OK means 'All Correct', which was changed to "Oll Korrect". However, many people believe that the correct word is Okay and that people use Ok incorrectly.

Where is OK used?

Explain that Ok is used in many ways in sentences. It is used for both adjective or adverb. It is more used to register consent for anything and it is used in different ways according to the sentence.

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