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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Newlywed aunt runs away with niece, less than a month after marriage

It is said that when someone falls in love, nothing good or bad is seen. 
A similar case has come to light from Bihar, where Gopalganj has become a case of salting relations. The incident took place in Manza area. Where a newlywed bride recently fell in love with her niece. Within a few days of the marriage, the married woman became so enamored with her nephew that she decided to take him and run away. Not only that, one day both of them got a chance and ran away. Now this act of aunt and nephew has become the center of discussion in the whole area.

Mami ran away with her nephew

After the case came to light, the victim's uncle lodged a complaint against four people, including his nephew, at the police station. After which the police have launched an investigation. The whole incident is connected with Rakesh Sharma, a resident of Survania village in Manza area. It is said that on February 22, Rakesh Sharma got married to a daughter of a resident of Harpur village in the same area. Both were still dreaming of a new life with marriage. The niece entered the bride's life within a week of the wedding.

The victim's husband lodged a complaint with the police

It is alleged that in Rakesh's absence, Barauli's nephew along with some of his colleagues used to visit his aunt. Meanwhile, the eyes of aunt and nephew were found and one day, seeing the opportunity, both fled. Rakesh runs a hardware store. The police have now registered a case of kidnapping and are conducting further investigations.

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