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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Mahashivratri 2021: Why milk is offered on Shivling, know when this tradition started

Every year, the festival of Mahashivratri is celebrated on the Chaturthi Tithi of the Krishna Paksha of Phalgun month. 
On this day, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are worshiped. This time Mahashivratri is on 11 March. Mahashivaratri has special significance in Hinduism. Worshiping Lord Shiva on this day fulfills all desires. On this day, devotees wake up early in the morning and take a bath and worship Lord Shiva. Milk, Dhatura, Cannabis and Belpatras are offered on the Shivling.

According to the scriptures, milk is considered as sattvic from the point of view of the mind. It is believed that by offering milk on Shivling, all your desires are fulfilled. Donating milk on Monday makes the moon strong. Milk is specially used in Shiva's Rudrabhishek. Many people also keep fast. But do you know why milk is offered to Lord Shiva.

Why milk is anointed on Shivling

The tradition of milking is associated with the Sagar Churning. According to the legend, the first poison that came out of the ocean churn was derived All the gods and demons started burning with the flame of that poison. Everyone prayed to Lord Shiva on this. Hearing the prayers of the gods, Lord Shiva kept the poison on the palm and poisoned it. But he did not allow the poison to come down from the throat. Therefore, his throat turned blue and he is also called Neelkanth.

The effect of this poison began to fall on Lord Shiva and Goddess Ganga sitting in his jata. To reduce the temperature of the poison, the gods requested Lord Shiva to take milk. As soon as Lord Shiva took the milk, the effect of the poison started decreasing from his body. From then on, the tradition of offering milk on Shivling started.

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