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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

know why horn ok please is written on truck backside and what is the meaning of ok in this line know all details here

Whether you are walking on a highway or on a road in your city. 
You definitely see the truck and the fun thing is the lines written on the back of the truck's trolley. Many lines are written ranging from 'Think and think with what will go' to 'More than luck and nothing gets ahead of time'. If one thing is written on the back of trucks and tractors between all these creative lines and that is 'Horn Ok Please'.

'Horn Ok Please' Please are such lines, which are written mostly on the back of the truck. This means that whenever you overtake, you must play the horn. But if this message is cleared with horn please, then why is it written OK? On these trucks, OK is written between Horn and Please. In such a situation, the question is why do they write and what does it mean. If you also want to know the meaning of this Ok, then we tell you the reason behind it.

By the way, let us tell you that no special or specific meaning of this OK is understood, but there are many types of theories behind this OK. In this, different studies have estimated the meaning of this OK. In such a situation, we know what those theories are and how OK is defined. Let us know that Horn OK Please does not get any special meaning, now different theory and estimates have been put behind it.

Theory number 1

One theory states that it means that you first give a horn to a trucker for overtake and after seeing the side, he gives you the light or indicator and gives you the consent for overtake and gives the side. This process is considered OK. That is, first you give the horn, then you will be given consent and then you can go.

Theory number 2

One theory states that it is a very old concept and that writing OK on the back of the truck has started since the time of the second world war. Actually, the trucks used to run through kerosene at that time. In such a situation, 'On Kerosene' was written and this was the beginning of OK. Kerosene is quite flammable, so OK was written as a warning to stay away from the truck. In such a situation, from the same time OK is written in the middle and Horn Please is written on both sides.

Theory number 3

One theory states that earlier Horn OTK Please would have been written. This meant that you must play the horn before overtaking. However, T disappeared gradually from OKT. Here OTK meant Overtake. After this, now it is written only OK.

Although anything is being guessed about OK, but it is clear that it is written that instead of horns before overtaking. Let me tell you that a few years ago in Maharashtra, this writing was banned, because it was believed that this promotes noise pollution.

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