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Thursday, March 25, 2021

know how much cost of printing of 2000 rupees note and other notes, check here full details

Indian currency means that 2000, 500 notes look like just one printing paper. 
But their value in the market is very high. By the way, this note is made in a special way, which is not just like a paper. There are many security features in the note, which gives them a special identity. With this, you can identify fake and real notes and these security features range from Gandhiji's photo to color, an RBI written strip etc.

But, have you ever thought how much it costs to print a note whose value is 2000, 500 or 200. Although it has many security features, but still the cost of printing it is not very high. This cost is very low according to the value of this note. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you how much it costs the Reserve Bank of India to print a note. Know how much money is spent on printing each note…

Where are the notes printed

Before telling about the expenses incurred on the printing of the note, let us tell you who is printing this note and where it is printed. Indian currency notes are printed by the Government of India and the Reserve Bank of India. It is printed only in the government printing press. There are four printing presses across the country. Note printing work is done in Nashik, Dewas, Mysore and Salboni (West Bengal). Special type of ink is used to print it. It is made by a company from Switzerland and works in different different inks. Its paper is also prepared in a special way.

How much does it cost to print a 2000 note?

Due to printing of 2000 notes, there was very little expenditure in 2018-19. This was more than 1 year ago in 2017-18 and now it has come down considerably. If you talk according to a note, then the cost of printing a note has reduced by 18.4, that is, 65 paise less has been spent in printing the note in 2019. Let me tell you that in 2018, it cost 4 rupees 18 paise to print a note of 2000 rupees, while in 2019 it cost 3.53 paise to print a note. That is, it costs only 3-4 rupees to print a 2000 rupee note.

How about other notes?

If you talk about other notes, then it costs 2.13 paise to print a 500 rupee note. At the same time, it costs 2.15 paise to print a 200 rupee note. By the way, depending on the printing press, there is also a slight change in the expenditure. According to the data of 2018, it costs Rs 1.01 to print a 10 rupee note, 1 rupee to print a 20 rupee note, Rs 1.01 to print a 50 rupee note, and 1.51 paise to print a 100 rupee note.

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