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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Indian Railway News: Read these guidelines before traveling in a train, or else entry will not be received

Coronavirus Pandemic infection is once again increasing in many states of the country. 
In such a situation, it is very important to take care of the Kovid protocol while traveling by train once again. Last year, as the Indian Railways increased the transition, passenger train services were completely stopped across the country. Later, services were started gradually and now more than 65 percent trains are on track.

People have breathed peace with the introduction of the train service, but the rising corona infection has once again raised concerns. Regarding the health and safety of passengers traveling on the train, the Indian Railways is again advising people to take care of all the necessary guidelines.

In some states including Maharashtra, Kerala, corona cases are increasing rapidly. The Railway Ministry has once again asked the passengers to follow the Kovid Guidelines. It is also important to take care of the Kovid Guidelines issued by the states especially. The Ministry has tweeted about this.

What did the railway ministry say?

The Ministry of Railways has tweeted that in view of COVID-19, passengers are appealed to read the guidelines issued by various states on health advice before traveling. The tweet clearly states that travelers should read the state guidelines before traveling in the train. Especially in the state they are going, definitely read the guidelines of that state.

Governments have been issued different guidelines in several states amidst increasing cases of corona. For example, in some states, it has been made mandatory to show vaccine certificate or RT-PCR negative test report for entry. This has been done for the safety of the passengers and fighting together with the corona.

Advisory issued by railway

In recent times, cases of infection from new strains of corona have increased in many states. It has been tightened again in many states. Lockdown has been imposed again in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. At the same time, vaccine certificate or RT-PCR negative test report has been made necessary in public ceremonies in Amritsar, Punjab. In such a situation, the railway is taking more vigil for the safety of the passengers. Advisory has been issued by several zonal railways including East Central Railway. It is necessary to strictly follow the rules like thermal scanning, wearing of masks at stations.

On coming from these three states, there will be such entry in Bihar

Corona Negative Report will be necessary for travelers coming from Bihar from Maharashtra, Punjab and Kerala. This system will be applicable from 17 March. Corona negative report will have to be shown at the airport and railway stations. The Principal Secretary of the Health Department, Supriya Amrit has said that those who will not have the report, their antigen test will be done and if found positive, they will be sent to the Quarantine Center.

Going to Haridwar for Kumbh…

A big decision has been taken by the Uttarakhand State Government regarding Haridwar Kumbh Mela-2021. Devotees have made it mandatory for Kumbh to follow the protocol related to Kovid-19. Two big decisions have been taken in this. The biggest thing has been said that the permission to enter Haridwar will be given to those who have got Corona vaccinated. Those who have not got the Corona vaccine, they will be able to enter Haridwar through the negative investigation report of the Corona. The condition is that the investigation report of Corona should be done within 72 hours.

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