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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

In simple words, know what is RT PCR test, how it is done…!

The corona virus is once again seen spreading rapidly in many states of the country. 
It is considered the second wave of Corona. With this, the discussion of RT PCR test has also started once again. In fact, in view of the increasing cases of Corona, various state governments have issued different guidelines.

Vaccine certificate or RT-PCR negative test report has been made mandatory at public functions in Amritsar, Punjab. On the other hand, travelers coming to Bihar from Maharashtra, Punjab and Kerala are also required to show the negative test report of Corona. Let us know in simple terms what happens in RT PCR test and what is done in it.

Know what is RT PCR test

RT PCR test ie reverse transcription polymers chain reaction test. The virus is detected in the person's body through this test. In this, the RNA of the virus is tested. During the examination, there is a need to take samples from many parts of the body. Mostly the swab is taken from the inner layer of the mucosa from the nose and throat.

How long does it take to report

It can usually take 6 to 8 hours to report the RT PCR test. Sometimes it can take longer than this. RT PCR test is able to detect the presence of virus in your body. This is the reason that despite some symptoms of corona virus not appearing in some people, this test is positive. Whether or not there will be any symptoms of the virus in the future, or how serious the virus can take, it is not known through RT PCR test.

What to do for this test

Although no special preparation is required for this test, but if you are taking any special medicine, decoction or herbs, then give samples only after consulting a specialist. So that those things are not affected by the report. When the test report is positive, the person is isolated for a few days or can also be admitted to the hospital. At the same time, negative report means that there is no presence of virus in the body.

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