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Friday, March 26, 2021

Holi 2021: 4 Best Ways to Celebrate Holi at Home During an Epidemic, Do You Know?

Holi is just around a corner and most of us are thinking about how we are going to celebrate the festival with this ongoing epidemic? 
We are completely clueless. Certainly, we will not be able to celebrate the festival in general, as we have been doing in the last few years. They dance under water splashes and paint everyone's face with color.

This kind of Holi has not been done in the last one year. This year too, due to corona, some of the condition is similar but still there is nothing to worry about. What if corona? This does not mean that we will not enjoy the festival and will also not show the spirit of the festival.

On the festival of Holi, we have some ways for you to celebrate Holi at home with your family members this year, so that you will not miss the social harmony and do one thing that you can dominate these things yourself. Do not let it happen. Only then you will be able to enjoy this festival of Holi in a good way and your family will also be able to join this happiness with whole heart. So let us know what are the ways through which you can enjoy a safe Holi at home?

Have a special Holi meal

Many dishes are prepared on the occasion of Holi to invoke the festive spirit. These dishes include gujiya, chillai, pakoras etc. So to indulge in the spirit of Holi, make these dishes at home with your family members and celebrate the festival safely at home.

Play holi in your balcony

If you are concerned that playing Holi at home can damage your home, then choose to play Holi in your balcony with your family members, so that there is no mess in your living room!

Dance to the songs of holi

In the spirit of Holi, many songs are found on the Internet. From 'Rang Barse' to 'Ang to Ang Lagana', prepare your Holi playlist and dance with your family on these special songs of Holi.

Play Holi with the pitchers and props

Buy those colorful pitchers and those quirky and fun props to add a special touch to your Holi celebrations at home. Become children and celebrate this Holi at home in the most fun way.

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