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Friday, March 19, 2021

Guess who? This girl seen in 'katora cut' is a movie star, photo going viral

Sometimes a picture is discussed on social media, sometimes a video becomes viral. 
Seeing some of them makes us laugh, then some things can be learned. At the same time, sometimes things become puzzles for us. In this episode, a very old picture is going viral on social media. After seeing this photo, people are cheating that what is the matter? 
So let's not make too much suspense and make you talk with all the truth…

First of all, look closely at this picture, are you able to recognize anyone in it. Maybe some of you may have recognized the personality. At the same time, some people will now be confused as to who the hell is this? Let us give you a little hint, in today's time, she is a well-known actress and has also been in the headlines many times for her artistry, she herself shared this picture on the social media platform Instagram. If you still do not recognize, then tell that this actress is Nandita Das. While sharing the picture, he wrote, Every year in the summer season, my cousin and 'bowl cut' used to get hair cut. I miss that day quite a lot. The youngest child is my brother '.

Picture on social media goes viral

Now this picture is becoming increasingly viral on social media. People are praising this picture fiercely and continuously commenting on it. So far, more than 24 hundred people have liked this photo. How did you like this picture of Nandita Das, please tell us.

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