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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Gold Silver Price: Gold prices fall sharply, check new rates quickly

Internationally, gold prices continue to fall. 
In the national capital, on Wednesday, the price of gold has dropped to Rs 208 per ten grams. However, silver prices have increased due to increasing industrial demand. The price of one kilogram of silver has gone up to 602 rupees. Traders say that due to the strengthening of the rupee, there is pressure on gold prices. In the coming days, prices may fall further.

New Gold Price (Gold Price, 03 March 2021)

According to HDFC Security, the price of 10 grams of gold with 99.9 percent purity has fallen by Rs 208 to Rs 44,768 per ten grams. Internationally, gold prices have come down to $ 1730 an ounce.

New Silver Price (Gold Price, 03 March 2021)

The price of one kilogram of silver has increased by Rs 602 to Rs 68,194 in Delhi Bullion Market. The price had closed at Rs 67,592 on Tuesday, just a day earlier. Internationally, the price of silver has fallen to $ 26.68 an ounce.

Why Gold Price Down in India

HDFC Security Research Analyst (Commodity) Tapan Patel says that the gold prices have declined due to the strengthening of the rupee against the US dollar. The rupee has strengthened by 45 paise in a day.

New rule is going to come into force

From June 2021, only Hallmark Jewelry (Hallmark Jewelry) will be sold in the country. The central government had said in January 2020 that compulsory hallmarking on gold jewelery would be applicable from January 15, 2021, but due to Kovid-19 in July, the government has made this date to June 1, 2021.

Keep these things in mind before buying jewelry

Many times we buy such jewelery which has gemstones. The jeweler weighs those entire pieces and adds it to the price of gold.

If put in easy terms, they are priced equal to the value of gold. The weight and impurity of the stone are usually subtracted from the total value when sold back.

Gold purity Gold jewelery comes in different carats. Carat is the measure of purity of gold. The purest gold is 24 carats. Jewelery usually comes in 22 carats. It contains 91.6 percent gold.

The price of gold jewelery depends on two things. 1. Gold part in jewelery ie it is 22 carats or 18 carats 2. Metal mixed in gold to make jewelry

Making Charge Making Charge depends on which design jewelery you are going to buy. The reason is that each jewelry uses a different style for cutting and finishing.

Hallmarking is done to certify BIS standard hallmark gold jewelery. This is done by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). This must be seen while buying jewelry.

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