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Friday, March 19, 2021

Cervical spondylitis can be treated with the help of acupressure, know the right way

Cervical spondylitis or spondylosis are conditions related to neck and spinal cord areas. 
Some common symptoms associated with this condition include stiffness, numbness, pain in the neck or back area, rapid shooting sensation in the neck, dizziness, and fever.

Even though our body has got many great motions and movements, but many of us do not use it. Instead, we move to a largely sedentary lifestyle where we spend long periods of time sitting. These permanent sitting positions can lead to many health problems such as cervical spondylitis due to desk jobs when associated with lack of physical activity, poor posture and poor nutrition.

Regular exercise is important

To prevent or effectively manage this condition, it is very important that you start moving and stretching your body. Exercising regularly not only gives signs of pain at bay and aging but also makes you feel young and active. With yoga, acupressure can effectively help you manage pain and other symptoms of cervical spondylitis.

Here are some effective acupressure treatment techniques using which you can prevent or manage the condition of cervical spondylitis -

Using your palms, press both of your arms actively. You can do this very comfortably, using as much pressure as you can, massage the entire hand towards the front and back.

Sit on any comfortable surface and use your palms to bring your feet towards you. Massage the soles of your feet to create heat.

You can also use your other fingers between your toes to massage the entire foot as well as your toes.

There is a pressure point between the middle and ring finger on your right palm. You can either hold it and pressurize this point or ask someone else to do it for you. Do press this place continuously for 1 minute.

Before you start any of these acupressure techniques, it is very important that you warm the body. This can be done with the help of a compound technique known as subtle exercise.

Subtle exercises can be translated into subtle exercises that help improve your flexibility, range of motion, strength, endurance and endurance. This is done at the beginning of the day to ensure that your muscles remain flexible and they can perform at their maximum efficiency.

The subtle exercise involves the movement of all joints, including the ankles, knees, hips, wrists, and shoulders. Gently pull out the neck area and prepare yourself to do acupressure exercises in this way. You can practice some pranayama or breathing techniques like Anulom Antonyms, Kapal Bhati and effective treatment of mind and body.

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