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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Caution: Never use plastic bottles for drinking or storing water, as this can cause serious damage

Plastic bottles are often used to store and drink water in homes in urban areas. 
Not only that, now this is a common thing. Nowhere after drinking a cold drink or water is an empty bottle taken home and used for drinking or storing.

But you may not realize that this habit of yours not only harms the environment, it directly affects your health. This bottle is made after several chemical processes. Which has a technique to recycle. These are also temperature sensitive. Which is why if it is used for drinking or storing water, it can harm your health in many ways.

Water is exposed to dangerous chemicals

However, some companies claim that they use BPA free plastics. However, many chemicals are used to make all kinds of plastic bottles. Which is very harmful to the human body. When the bottle comes in contact with water and heat or water is stored in it for several days, the chemical also dissolves in the water. Which affects the endocrine glands inside our body. Which has an effect on hormones.

74% of bottles are toxic

A study published in the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology found that 8 types of plastics are produced every day. Despite all the claims, 74 percent of the products are toxic. However, it is being used a lot due to lack of awareness among the people.

Very harmful to the environment

There is a special process for destroying plastic. If these bottles are thrown away after use, they are not recycled properly. At such times, plastic bottles spread plastic waste on the ground. Which becomes very harmful to the environment. So use metal bottles instead of plastic bottles.

Risk of pregnant women and children

If water is stored in a plastic bottle for a long time, the water in it becomes toxic. Which can be very harmful to the health of pregnant women or children if used.

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