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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Big Revelation In US Intelligence Report, Putin Made This Plan To Defeat Biden

New Delhi: US Intelligence Report Reveals Sensationalism. According To The US Intelligence Report, It Tried To Help Russian President Vladimir Putin Donald Trump To Defeat Joe Biden In The Presidential Election. According To US Intelligence Agencies, Russian President Putin Ordered Help During The Presidential Election, Probably In Support Of Donald Trump, During The Presidential Election Held Last Year. A Government Report Said That Russia Had "Made Misleading And Unproven Allegations" After Biden's Victory.

The Report, Released On Tuesday From The Office Of The Director Of The National Intelligence Office, Gives A Detailed Assessment Of Foreign Interference In The US Elections In 2020. It Added That Iran Tried To Undermine Confidence In Voting And Damage Trump's Chances Of Becoming President Again. Despite These Efforts, Intelligence Officials Found No Evidence Of Any Foreign Interference In The 2020 US Election By Tampering With Any Technical Aspect Of The Voting Process.

However, This Report Stated That No Foreign Government Had Influenced The Final Results. Russia Has Consistently Rejected Allegations Of Interference In The US Presidential Election. A 15-Page Report Released By The Director Of The National Intelligence Office Stated That 'It Was A Campaign To Influence Russia And Iran'.

The Report On Tuesday Said That China Did Not Interfere In The Election. US Officials Say They Believe China Values ​​A Stable Relationship With The US And Did Not Take Any Risk Of Being Caught In It By Interfering In The Election.

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