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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Be careful as soon as these things fall in the house

Often, at work or at home, something falls in the kitchen. 
Some things are either broken or disintegrated due to falling. It has become a part of our ordinary life. In Vastu Shastra it is said that some such things which fall out of hand, are not considered auspicious. It has a very bad effect in our normal life. Science has not proved these things, but according to Vastu, there is a lot of recognition in these things. Let us know what those things are, whose fall causes disturbance in the house.


Salt at home is one such thing that happens in every kitchen. Salt is used in many things. In such a situation, the fall of salt by hand is natural, but the fall of salt is not an auspicious sign. According to Vastu, if the salt falls in the house, both the Moon and Venus become weak. Some people say that if salt falls, the controversy increases. If salt starts falling more than once, it can also cause some type of architectural defect.


Oil is used a lot in the kitchen, house of worship. Oil fall also does not give auspicious signs according to Vastu. This is because the oil is said to be the symbol of Shani Dev (Shani Dev). Then on Saturday, oil is offered to Shani Dev and oil is offered. So if oil falls in the house, then your work starts getting interrupted and can be a sign of money loss.


The moon is linked to milk (Milk). If the milk boils in the house or falls from the glass, it is also considered an inauspicious sign. Due to this, there are problems related to money. According to Vastu, milk also falls due to negative powers.


If the food falls out while serving, then it starts having Vaastu defects associated with the kitchen.

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