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Friday, February 19, 2021

Winter These 7 Small Mistakes Will Make Your Immunity Weak, Know How To Survive

Our immune 
system weakens in the winter season Some of our small mistakes cause immunity to weaken and the body loses its ability to fight infection-bacteria. Let us tell you which of our mistakes ultimately weaken immunity and how we can strengthen it.

Water deficiency

People feel less thirsty in winter but that does not mean that the body does not need water. Drinking less water in winter causes the body to become dehydrated and has a detrimental effect on immunity. So drink enough water in the winter season.

Do not wash fruits and vegetables

Never make the mistake of eating fruits and vegetables directly from the market. The chemicals in it can go into the body and lower your immunity. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly in clean water and cook well.

Junk food

Excessive intake of junk food triggers obesity. Excessive intake of it can lead to metabolic disorders. So keep a fair distance from junk food, deep fry and trans fad. Eat healthy fat instead.

Sugar food

Excess sugar in the body also promotes many types of physical problems. Foods high in sugar, such as pastries, cookies and donuts, regulate blood glucose levels. These kinds of things make your perfect balance immune system slowly hollow.


Excessive intake of fist increases the problem of blood pressure and water retention in the body. This one thing is enough to damage our immune system. Experts therefore advise avoiding high sodium foods.

Don't stop eating

Most people skip eating a tank in the winter in a weight loss cycle. It is absolutely wrong to do so. Quitting food and drink depletes the body of energy which has a direct effect on our immunity. Instead you can eat things like dried fruit in that slot.


Lack of protein in the body leads to weakening of immunity. Adequate amount of nutrition is required in the beginning to strengthen immunity.

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