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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Today's Daily Horoscope (23-02-2021)

 - can suffer from oral diseases. There may be trouble in the head or in the eyes. Slightly cross over. Health is moderate. Love, business will do you well Worship Maa Kali. Donate any white object to the black temple.

Taurus - Control the anger. Do not get hurt. Do not get into any trouble. A good situation will not be said. Angar yoga is forming in your lagna. Cross over Health can be affected. Love and business will do well. Donate a red item

Gemini - Eye pain or headache may be troublesome. Slightly cross over. Do not hurt your head. Health, love, business are going well. Donate a red item

Cancer - Health is already improving but love, business has gone awry. Cross over Love or love should not be communicated to a negative person. Keep this in mind. No wrong person should enter the business. Keep on worshiping Bajrang Bali

Leo - Economic situation will improve. You are doing well from the love medium, business point of view. Keep the red item nearby.

Virgo- going towards reform but a state of disgrace remains. take care of it. Health is fine, love is also almost fine. Donate a red item

Libra - may look flat. Can get into some trouble. Need to cross a little bit. Very good situation will not be said. Focus on health Love will be almost right. Business will also be fine. It would be good to donate lentils to the temple of Bajrang Bali.

Scorpio - is not a good position. There may be some kind of health problem. Circumstances are suddenly unfavorable. Love is also moderate. Business is almost fine. Donate the black object. Keep the red item nearby.

Sagittarius - life partner will be found. Will progress in employment. Focus on the health of children. Do not get entangled in love. Any blotting may occur. Worship Bajrang Bali

Capricorns will prevail over opponents. You will get esoteric knowledge but if you take any decision under anger, you will get into trouble. Focus on the health of children. The rest is going well. Donate a red item

Aquarius- Domestic life will be affected a little bit. There can be victims of differences in the house. There is a possibility of chest disorder. Health will be moderate. Love and business are going well. Worship Bajrang Bali

Pisces - you can get instant success. Will remain extremely powerful. This power will also give you success. Health is good, love is good, business is going almost right. Worship Bajrang Bali

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