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Thursday, February 25, 2021

These wrong habits, can serious damage to the spine bone

 may have felt the need to talk about it yourself and have seen friends and relatives around you that most people nowadays suffer from neck, back and back pain. The biggest reason is spinal problems. How you sit, walk or sleep - all three affect your spine, both for good and for bad. But did you know that some of your bad habits often cause you back and back pain? Before your general pain takes the form of a serious illness, change these habits immediately.

These bad habits cause damage to the spine

A desk job or sitting in one place for a long time

If you also have a desk job, if you do not get up from your seat for hours then this habit will definitely have a bad effect on your spine. Sitting in the same position for a long time increases the pressure on the back and lumbar muscles, neck and spinal cord so that after a while there is pain. Why not use a comfortable chair as much as you like for it but if you sit in one place for a long time you will not get relief from the pain. So every 30 minutes get up from your seat and do stretching for 2-3 minutes and sit down again.

False posture is the enemy of your spine

You may have seen a lot of people get their back and shoulders tilted when they work while sitting in front of a commuter or laptop. Many people keep their necks tilted down even when using a smartphone. If you sit and work in such a wrong posture for a long time, your spine will be badly affected and will start to contract slowly so that along with the pain in the back and waist, the body shape will also deteriorate. So always stand up straight. Sit with your back and waist straight and do yoga. Yoga helps in correcting posture.

Smoking damages the spine

If you smoke you are 3 times more likely to have back and lower back pain than non-smokers. This is because most people do not understand how smoking affects not only the lungs but also the bones and the discs in the spinal cord begin to weaken prematurely. At the same time, smoking also reduces blood flow to the spine, weakening the bones and increasing the risk of osteoporosis.

Using a heavy backpack

Heavy backpacks are also thought to be responsible for the back pain. Hanging a bag over the shoulder puts pressure on the back and waist and supports the muscles of the spinal cord, making it tired. This can be a problem for children who carry piles of books in their backpacks. So it is very important that the weight of your bag does not exceed 20% of your weight.

Wear high heels at all times

Many women love to wear high heels but unknowingly these habits also give them back pain. A lot of research has proven that high heels change the natural alignment of your spine. So that the risk of back and lower back pain increases manifold in the future. In addition, wearing heels on a regular basis every day can damage the vertebrae as well as the vertebrae.

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