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Sunday, February 28, 2021

These 5 amazing lemon remedies (totke) will change your luck

According to Tantra Shastra, lemon pieces are considered very miraculous for a human being. 
The proper use of this trick opens up the fate of humans. This also changes the fortunes of humans. Today, we will try to learn about the five wonders of lemon.

These 5 amazing lemons of lemon, will change your fate. 

1. If you are going somewhere to get success in the job, then you put four cloves on top of a lemon and chant 'Om Shree Hanumate Namah' and take the lemon with you. You will get success in this job and happiness in life.

2 . Touch all the walls of the house or shop with lemon. After this, cut the lemon into four pieces and throw one piece of lemon in all four directions. This will change your luck and you will benefit financially.

3 Earth.In a Turn 4 pieces of lemon to prevent an evil eye on children and let them throw a deserted place. This will not disturb the negative powers to the children.

4. To brighten your luck, cut the lemon into seven pieces and throw the left hand piece on the right and throw the right hand piece on the left side. This will change your luck and bring happiness, prosperity in life.

5. If there is a problem of fighting and fighting in the house, then you hang the lemon after the main door of the house. This will bring peace in the house.

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