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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Refined food is the enemy of health, taste may soon call for death

Refined food is an enemy of health and there is a risk of many serious diseases. 
The risk of heart disease is the biggest in it, which can increase the risk of death at a young age. The biggest name in refined food is maida which is used in many canned foods. Flour is also used extensively in biscuits and noodles. Two major studies have emerged about the danger of health from refined food, in which the fear of heart disease has been expressed.

According to a Reuters report, refined food contains large amounts of sugar, fat and calories. Taking such foods continuously increases the risk of many diseases gradually. Heart disease is the biggest in this. Obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, cancer and depression can be serious problems at a young age. If you do not pay attention to living and eating habits, then the risk of death can also increase.

Death may come soon

According to the report, if refined food is used 4 times a day, then the risk of death at an early age increases by 62 percent compared to a person who does not eat refined food. The rate at which the amount of refined food in food increases, the risk of heart-related diseases increases at the same rate. It has been said in the study that in recent times a big impact is being seen on people's living and food. Physical labor is decreasing and the trend of refined food is increasing from markets to homes. These foods are ready to eat or become quick, so people use them quickly.

Junk food spoils health

The supply of this kind of food is also getting very much in the markets, due to which its prices are seen falling. Due to being cheap and quick, people are taking it and replacing it with common food. Today the situation is that even if someone refuses, he cannot get away from such food items. Now it has become a part of common life. The chemical additives in refined foods and industrial processing to make them are messing up the entire cellular structure of such foods. The deteriorating cellular structures of refined food are putting our health in serious danger.

Shocking disclosure in the study

The survey related to this report revealed that for 20-91 years, the danger of refined food is being seen mainly in the people. In Spain, it was studied on 20 thousand people and their food habits were observed from 1999-2014. During this study, 335 people died. People eating refined food 5 times a day were also found. Problems of obesity, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and depression were seen in these people. These people were found to be fond of smoking, more snacks and always used to watch TV.

Pay attention to food items

It was found in the study that if people know what to eat and what not to eat, they will rarely fall ill in life. Refined grain means that flour is never considered right for health and it is forbidden to eat the things made from it. A research was also done in Canada, which showed that eating things made with fine flour can increase your life risk by up to 27 percent.

Before grinding the refined grain is removed, so that the dough is fine and soft. This may make the bread soft, but it removes all its fiber. This is a kind of food processing work. During food processing, oils are also removed from the grains, which also removes its nutrients. At the end we get white colored flour which is called maida.

Flax products are dangerous

Flour is good in taste, more white in appearance, hence the popularity is increasing rapidly. It is used in most junk foods found in the market. Products made from fine flour are so smooth that they also stick in the intestine and call for many diseases. Conversely, this problem does not occur in whole grain ie wheat, barley, millet or ragi because if they are not processed, fiber and nutrients remain in it. Having fiber in the whole grain greatly benefits our digestive system and keeps the entire stomach system clean. Bread is made from whole grain, but naan is made from fine flour. Naan has not been a part of Indian food as it has come to India from the Middle East. It does not contain any kind of nutrients.

Dangers of junk food

Talking about whole grain, if you eat wheat flour bread, poultry bread, rice bread and even millet bread, then it will be beneficial rather than health loss. On the other hand, if you eat noodles, pasta, pizza or burgers, then there will be many digestive problems. Junk food is very high in carbohydrates and calories, which is very difficult to digest. Junk food is easier to digest if more physical labor is done, otherwise it increases the risk of obesity, sugar and heart disease. The risk of death from this is seen to be much higher than the common people.

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