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Monday, February 15, 2021

#Pawrihorihai: know who is 'pawri girl' who created a stir on social media with a video, watch the video

#Pawrihorihai: In today's time it is not a big thing to be famous overnight, on social media, nowadays, the youth have become so active that any unique or different video comes immediately becomes viral, recently of Pakistan A content creator is making a lot of headlines. His videos are being watched extensively not only in Pakistan but also in India. Not only this, an Indian content creator named Yash Raj remixed this video according to himself and now Indian users are giving him a lot of fame.

If you talk about this girl getting fame in the video, then its name is Dananir Mubeen, she is from Pakistan and is a content creator on social media, in a video interview, Dananir Mubeen tells that she made this video fun, she was given some Idea did not think that doing so would make her so famous, furthering her point that she says that she is very happy to see so much love of the people, especially her mother got a lot of happiness and in different ways People are making videos according to their style, seeing that they are getting even more happiness.

Talking more about her video, she says that in the atmosphere where there is so much tension in the world, this video is acting like a cool breeze, which they are very happy about. Expressing her happiness, she says that she will keep making such videos for her fans. Because people like this style very much.

Where people are copying the voice of Dananir Mubin, on the other hand, people are seen making a lot of mum on them as well. On which Dananir Mubin says that he liked him so much that people are liking him. Which is a big deal for them. Let me tell you that after making a short video of Dannir Mubeen, he now knows the whole world, not only this, his followers have seen a huge jump on social media Instagram. Which is a big deal. Also, more than 10 lakh people have watched this video of them so far and still people are watching it and making their videos on it.

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