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Monday, February 8, 2021

Never donate these five things, there can be huge loss

Donation has special importance in all religions. 
A person's mind is calm by donating. It is believed that donating gives virtue. Donating along with reciting puja is beneficial. By donating, you also get freedom from planetary defects.

The importance of charity has been told in the scriptures. But you hardly know that it is harmful for us to donate some things. Let us know what things should not be donated.

Torn copy and book

The donation of learning is considered the largest donation. If you are donating books, copies and mythological texts to someone, then note that it should not be torn from anywhere. If you are donating a book to someone, then give it a right cover and donate it.


Donating a broom can cause financial problems and money problems at home. Also, Mata Lakshmi gets annoyed by donating broom. Therefore, do not donate broom.

Oil donation

Donating oil on Saturday is considered auspicious. But some people donate used or spoiled oil. According to astrological scriptures, Shani Dev gets angry by donating used or spoiled oil on Saturday. This leads to a fight in the house.

Donation of old clothes

According to astrology scriptures, donating old clothes is harmful. Donating worn clothes is considered inauspicious. It is believed that Lakshmi ji becomes angry with this. Therefore, new clothes should always be donated to the needy.

Do not donate iron items

Never donate iron and sharp things. Apart from this, donating steel utensils should also be avoided.

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