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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

If you plant these 7 plants, mosquitoes will be away from the house forever

It is common for mosquitoes to occur during the rainy months and to cause deadly fevers such as dengue, chickenpox and malaria. 
In such a situation, it is most important to adopt such a technique so that mosquitoes do not enter the house. We are telling you about such a natural technique. This will prevent mosquitoes from entering your home and will not harm your health in any way.

What is the natural way to repel mosquitoes?
Rama Tulsi (Green Tulsi), Shyama Tulsi (Black Tulsi), Wild Tulsi (a special species of Tulsi grown in the forest) Sweet neem, celery and mint. These are seven such plants. Which you can put in the bin and keep on the balcony of your house. So that mosquitoes will not be able to enter through the balcony of your house.

Herbal sprays are also used. The
reason for this is that mosquitoes do not come around the natural scent of these plants. Extracts and aromas of these plants are also used in natural herbal sprays to kill mosquitoes. Remember if you ever saw a mosquito sitting on a house basil? Among the tulsi mentioned here, wild tulsi is most affected. If you keep this basil in the room and close the room, the mosquito will disappear from the room in a few hours.

These two times mosquitoes come into the house
Along with this you burn camphor and google incense in your house in the morning and evening. Keep a material in a clay lamp for this. Google it and put burning camphor on it. Mosquitoes do not come into the house because of its scent. Keep the door closed in the morning and evening. Because both of these times outside mosquitoes enter the house. You should keep in mind that mosquitoes are attracted from light to darkness in the morning and from darkness to light in the evening.

... So mosquitoes enter the house immediately
This is why when you keep the doors and windows open in the morning, outside mosquitoes enter your house to hide. So in the evening when it gets very dark outside, when you turn on the lights of the house, the mosquitoes enter your house attracted by the lights.

The mind also stays calm.
Fodino, ajma and sweet neem are also such natural herbs. The scent of which drives away mosquitoes. At the same time the natural aroma of these plants is very beneficial in keeping the air of the house pure. The fragrance of these plants keeps the mind calm and happy. Their natural oils dissolve in the air of the house in the form of very fine particles and eliminate harmful viruses, bacteria.

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