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Thursday, February 25, 2021

How safe is your phone? Dial this code and know the radiation level of your phone

You will know the fundamentals of variables and constants. 
Math is the basic thing. If it is connected to the lives of people, then your smartphone is constant and the rest of the work is variable. As if you are eating food, watching a movie, drinking tea or something, a phone is definitely in your hand. Overall you have been addicted. The phone that you have made a constant in your daily routine is no less than holding a sword without a sheath.

According to a report, radiation of more than 0.60 watts / kg is dangerous for the human body, but the radiation coming out of the smartphone we are using is double or even more. The effect of radiation is so terrible that diseases like cancer are increasing among people, besides there is a decrease in mail fertilization. According to a report by WHO, excessive use of the phone makes brain cells weak.

Learn radiation level from the specific absorption rate

When you go to buy a phone, the RAM size, camera, battery back-up, internal memory of the phone check everything. What is very important but you forget or maybe you do not know, is the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) value. The SAR value is written in the box of the phone itself, which tells how much the radiation of the phone is. It is also said that typing * # 07 # on the phone shows the SAR value. Although there are chances of the figures appearing on the screen at times.

How can we reduce mobile radiation?

Now radiation, etc. is fine, but the phone addict is asleep. In today's age, even without the phone nothing happens. Brother cannot leave the phone but you can use it less. You can put headphones on the phone for a long time, you can use a good phone cover, if nothing, you can check the SAR while buying the phone.

  • People often roam by keeping the phone in the pocket of the pants, due to which the radiation released reduces the fertility of the people, avoid doing so. It would be better to use a good mobile case and leave the phone on the desk whenever it is possible. You can also keep the phone in the purse.
  • For those who keep talking on the phone for a long time, headphones are important. Radiation also affects the brain cells. Although the use of Bluetooth devices is also not free from danger, a lot of radiation is also there. The best way is to keep the phone in the speaker and talk.
  • Whenever there is a network problem, people go to high altitude and look for the signal and mix the phone. Many people reach the mobile tower looking for the network. But it is the most dangerous. Electromagnetic radiation is highest during the week signal. Avoid making phone calls, especially when you are in places like basements or elevators.
  • Most of the time during the day, you are still sticking with the phone, but at least while sleeping, you switch off the phone. If you have a router installed in the house, then also shut it down at night, as well as place the router in a place where there is minimum movement.
  • Many times you are multi-tasking in the phone or playing games or even running the phone continuously in low battery. Avoid all these things. One thing and do not work on the phone even during charging.

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