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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Farmers Protest: Why not get freedom to sell crops? Do you know the reality of India's farmers

Right to Freedom is mentioned in our constitution from Articles 19 to 22. 
In which provisions have been made keeping in mind the people of all sections of the country. Article 19 is most important in this. By which 6 freedoms have been provided to the citizens of the country. Freedom of thought and expression, freedom of peaceful convention, freedom of community and union formation, freedom of movement, freedom of residence and freedom of occupation. That is, our independence was fully taken care of in the constitution of the country.

But today, for the first time in 70 years, the government gave the freedom of livelihood to 60 crore farmers by making laws through courage. That means about half of the country's population was given the freedom to decide its own fate. So this freedom is not digesting some people. That is, the freedom that farmers were denied, when this freedom was given to them, then it is being opposed. Agenda and propaganda are being run from this country to abroad.

In 1947, on the intermittent night of August 14 and 15, when Pandit Nehru was talking about freedom, of course many countries of the world were sleeping. Independent India did not even have its own constitution. But India really moved towards a complete independence. That freedom which also included the right to live with dignity and the right to livelihood for every Indian.

In 1966, former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri gave the slogan 'Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan'. In 1967, the film 'Upkar', the song of this film became the pride of the country's farmers and the nation's land. This song must have been heard by at least four generations by now. But did the ghungroos tied around the bull's neck really tell the melody of life? At least the farmers of the country cannot say yes in response to this.

The condition of the farmers of the country is bad

According to statistics, an average family of farmers in India earns only Rs 8,931 every month. That is, the whole family runs a maximum of 300 rupees a day. The whole family works, but does not even get a minimum wage of Rs 176 according to the five members. Whereas in India, the income per month per family is 55 thousand rupees. A common family in India earns five times more than farmers. But this pain of the farmers increases then. When it is compared to developed countries.

In America, if a common family earns 3.79 lakh rupees a month, and the farmer's family earns 4.35 lakh rupees more in that month. That is, in America, the family of farmers earns 15 percent more than a common family. Whereas the farmer's family earns 84 per cent less than a common family in India. Whether it is a needle-making factory or a ship-making company, everyone decides at what rate they sell their goods in the market, but the farmer did not get the right to decide the market price of his crop after independence and despite independence.

Article 21 of our Constitution gives us the right to live, but the right to live is only one aspect and the right to livelihood is included in the right to live. Just think, how can a person live without means of livelihood. It is to be noted here that if the farmer called Annadata does not decide the price of the grain grown in his field, then where is his right to livelihood. And in a way the livelihood without rights is also putting his life in the dark.

Why should not the farmers of India get freedom?

The so-called international celebrities who have just held the human rights flag, have probably not even read article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It has been written that in addition to good food, adequate clothing, housing and medical facilities, everyone has the right to secure a secure livelihood. This Declaration of Human Rights was also prepared in the year 1948. That is, around the independence of India, but no one ever considered that farmers should be provided freedom related to their livelihood.

After nearly 6 decades, the country's government showed courage and by making laws, half the population was given the freedom to grow and sell their crops. We have also shown you the report of several states earlier, where the farmers are saying that they have benefited from the new law and these laws in the interest of farmers should not be returned. This means that for the farmers, this freedom is almost the same as the freedom felt at the time of voting rights. But some people are not getting the freedom of the farmers and instead of explaining the benefit to the farmers, a conspiracy is being hatched to set fire to the country.

On September 17, 2020, the three agricultural bills were passed in the Lok Sabha and on the same day the head of the country had said, "There is too much power to confuse the farmers." On the same day, he also assured the farmers that the system of MSP and government procurement will be maintained. But before this, seeds to confuse the farmers had been added. In Punjab, germination began to erupt into crops that misled farmers. Rahul Gandhi had rode on the tractor of the farmers and the fear of the new agricultural law was being instilled in the farmers' minds.

What are the three agricultural laws, understand again

The law that the government has made, the farmers have started getting its benefits, so why has there been a fierce battle from Punjab to Delhi? And why scripts were written to burn Delhi in the name of its protest, why the country's dignity was played with and our republic was tarnished. Now once again, in a systematic way, tell you about the three laws of the government. And what is being opposed in them also shows. The government has enacted three laws for the betterment of farming.

The first law is - the Farmers Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Simplification) Bill, 2020. In this, the government is saying that it wants to increase the option to sell the produce of farmers. Through this law, farmers will now be able to sell their produce outside APMC mandis at higher prices. Will be able to get better prices from private buyers. But this fear was instilled in the minds of the farmers that the government wants to end the mandi system through this law. While the government is repeatedly saying that the number of mandis will be further increased. For this, the confusion was spread that the government mandi system in Bihar was finished in 2006 itself. 14 years passed but how much did the farmers benefit?

The second law is the Agriculture (Empowerment and Protection) Price Assurance and Agricultural Services Agreement Bill 2020. Regarding this law, the government says that it is opening the way for the farming of agreements between farmers and private companies. This is commonly called contract farming. Confusion is being spread about this that a capitalist or contractor will rent your land at a fixed amount and will produce and sell the crop on their own. Through this, the farmers will start making bonded laborers and one day the land of the farmers will become lost due to becoming indebted. While the government is repeatedly saying that farmers have kept more interest in this law than those who put money.

The third agricultural law - the Essential Commodities (Amendment) Bill, 2020. A rumor is being spread about it that it is dangerous not only for the farmers but also for the common people because now there will be no limit to raise the produce. Which will increase hoarding and black marketing. But the government is repeatedly messaging the farmers about the three laws. It is assuring you that there is not even a little danger from it. PM Modi said that those people are nervous about this, how Modi did what he could not do.

In fact, in the last few years, some people want to protest only for protest and to run their agenda. Because the thing to think here is that earlier all these other people used to decide what the farmer would grow, when he would grow and when he would sell. For the first time, if a law is made to free farmers from this system in the country, then it is being opposed.

Objection even if security is tightened in Delhi

In order to not make the situation like this again in Delhi on 26 January, barricading was tightened on the border of Delhi. Fencing was done and spikes were put on the roads so that there would not be a tractor accident like 26 January. To control the situation, internet connections were closed in areas along the Delhi border. But it is worth noting that the preparations to stop the disturbance were in India and the concern was being seen across the seven seas. American pop singer Rihanna, porn star Mia Khalifa, climate activist Greta Thunberg all jumped on Twitter in support of the farmer movement and protested against the cutting of the Internet.

Moreover, America also cares about this. The US State Department has said two things, the Internet should be restored and differences should be resolved through dialogue. Now, if we talk about cutting the Internet here, the worst loss has been caused to those people who are doing work from home due to Corona and students are studying online and who are running online businesses. But here, care is being taken for those who have been protesting at the border of Delhi for 73 days and plotting to throw Delhi into the furnace of violence.

Since we are talking about freedom, then freedom of expression belongs to everyone. That is why we are not even denying so-called foreign celebrities for this, but are just giving so much advice that they too should read India's new form bill and understand its heart. 60 crore farmers should celebrate their freedom. It is also worth noting here that those who are opposing the preparations of the police on the Delhi border, then according to them, should the Delhi borders be imposed for the miscreants. Just remember Joe Biden's swearing in America, when the whole of Washington was converted into a camp and had to be taken down to the army.

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