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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Eat these 5 foods to get rid of acidity

If we talk about the 
most common diseases or 
health problems , the number of acidity will probably be at the top of this list. This is because the problem of acidity happens to everyone from time to time. According to nutritionists, excessive consumption of tea and coffee, smoking and alcohol, eating more fried and spicy foods, or even starving for a long time and not eating at all can cause acidity problems. Gas builds up in the stomach when more acid starts to come out from the gastric glands of the stomach. Stomach becomes inflamed and sour belching occurs. This is called acidity.

These superfoods will protect you from acidity

It is better to take some home remedies instead of taking medicine in case of acidity. Also, if you include some special foods in your diet, you will never face the problem of acidity.

Eat bananas to get rid of the problem of acidity

Bananas are a low acid fruit. Which helps reduce the problem of acidity. In fact bananas form a coating in the esophageal lining of our esophagus so that stomach acid does not have any problem in reaching here. At the same time, bananas are also high in fiber which strengthens the digestive system and prevents indigestion. Eat a banana every day, never get acidity.

Buttermilk will cool the stomach

If you are also having acidity problem after eating spicy, spicy and heavy food, drink 1 glass of buttermilk instead of taking any kind of antacid medicine. Whey contains lactic acid which helps in normalizing stomach acidity. At the same time this lactic acid forms a special type of coating on the abdominal layer so that there are no other problems like inflammation in the stomach and inflammation in the chest. You can also eat yogurt instead if you want.

Cold milk will drive away acidity

Drinking milk also eliminates the problem of acidity but remember that you have to drink cold milk not hot. Like buttermilk, cold milk helps prevent gastric acid in the stomach. Also, milk is rich in calcium. Which prevents the process of acid formation in the stomach. As a result, if you are experiencing stomach irritation, chest inflammation or other symptoms of acidity for the second time, consume cold milk instead of medicine.

Oatmeal is also helpful

Oats are also a high fiber food that can help reduce the symptoms of acidity. Fiber not only eliminates the problem of constipation but also helps to keep the stomach full for a long time. When your stomach is full, you will eat less, there will be no overeating and if the things in the stomach do not return to the esophagus, there will be no acidity.

Green vegetables will remove the acidity

Spinach, Broccoli, Cucumber- These are some of the green vegetables which are alkaline which means that these vegetables are good for both stomach and digestive system. These vegetables naturally have very low fat and sugar levels and they also reduce the problem of stomach acid formation. As a result, include these items in your diet every day and then see how the acidity goes away.

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