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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Do You Know: Why Swaha is uttered while offering sacrifices in the fire

Havan is often done at home on all auspicious occasions. 
If you have ever paid attention, then you must have noticed that the word Swaha is definitely spoken after the mantra, only after this the sacrifice is given. Have you ever thought about why this happens? Let us tell you.

Actually, Swaha means to deliver correctly. That is, the ahuti offered with the mantra reaches Agnidev properly after speaking the swaha and they accept this ahuti. According to a mythological belief, Swaha is also considered the wife of Agnidev. During Havan, there are many types of stories about Swaha, know about them.

First story

According to the legend, there was a daughter of King Daksha named Swaha, who was married to Agnidev. That is why whenever he surrenders something to Agni, his wife is also remembered together, then Agnidev accepts that thing. The sons of Aghadev's wife Swaha, three sons named Pavman and Shuchi are also said.

Second story

According to another legend, once there was a famine to the gods and they started to get food and drink. In order to avoid this drastic situation, Lord Brahma Ji took measures to bring food items to Brahmins on earth. For this, Agnidev was chosen because anything becomes sacred after going into the fire.

But Agnidev did not have the ability to consume at that time, that's why Swaha originated and Swaha was ordered to stay with Agnidev. After this, whenever something was dedicated to Agnidev, Swaha would consume it and bring it to the gods.

Since then Swaha is always with Agnidev. Whenever there is a religious ritual, the Swaha delivers the things offered by speaking Swaha to the gods. Therefore, even today, after chanting at the time of havan, after offering the chant, the sacrifice is offered in the fire in the name of that goddess or deity.

Third story

According to another legend, Swaha was born as an art of nature and Swaha was blessed with the blessings of Lord Krishna that none of the material that would receive the gods would reach the gods without dedicating it to Swaha. This is the reason that whenever we dedicate any food item or worship material in the fire, it is important to pronounce the swaha.

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