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Monday, February 22, 2021

Do you know: why Mundamala remains in the neck of Lord Shiva, know the secret behind it

The pastimes of Mahadev, the God of Gods, are also incomparable. 
Like Lord Shiva's pastimes, his form is also considered mysterious. Shiva wears various things on his body. This form of Shiva has special significance. It is said that Bholenath is so naive that he is pleased to see the devotion of the devotees. Shiva bears trident, snake, moon and mundamala. Just as the Ganges has come out of Shiva's shoes. In the same way, there is a secret of Mundamala in his neck. Come, let us know why Lord Shiva wears that twang around the neck. What is mythological mystery.

Mystery of mundamala

It is said that Lord Shiva has controlled death. According to the Puranas, the mundamala symbolizes the love of Shiva and Sati. After the self-immolation of Mother Sati, Lord Shiva began to perform Tandava by being chastised. Bholanath himself was the creator of this Leela. He had already informed Mother Sati about this. After this, Lord Shiva had told Sati the secret of wearing Mundmala.

Mudamala has 108 heads

There are 108 heads of garlands around the neck of Lord Shiva. Once Narada Muni said to Mata Sati that Bholenath loves you the most, so why there is a garland of turns in his neck. After this, Mother Sati started asking Lord Shiva the king of the garlands of Mundas. In response to this, Shiva said that all the heads in this mundamala are yours. This is your 108th birth and you have left your body after 107 births.

Knowing the secret of Mundmala, Sati said that I give up the body again and again but not you. Responding to this, Shiva said because I have knowledge of Amarkatha. After this Sati expressed her desire to listen to Amarkatha. It is believed that when Bholanath was narrating the story to Sati, Sati could not hear the whole story and slept in the middle. As a result, Sati gave her life by jumping into Raja Daksha's Agni Kund.

Parvati attains immortality

After committing self-immolation, Lord Shiva built 51 peeths, but Shiva intertwined the garland of Sati in his garland. In this way, Lord Shiva wore a garland of 108 shavings. However, Sati was later born as Parvati. In this birth he attained immortality and then he did not have to renounce the body.

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