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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Did you know that sex can cause a heart attack?


A few days ago, a study found that men who had sex two days a week had a lower risk of heart attack than those who had frequent sex in a month. However, there is a fact that sex can cause a heart attack. 

 process of sex is like an exercise so in the meanwhile the blood circulation in your body increases and the heartbeat becomes faster.

This can cause a heart attack. According to the study, the risk of heart attack from sex is only one in 3 million but knowing about it can be helpful. Having sex twice a week is considered good according to the study but many couples try several times a day to enjoy the sex life. The thing that increases the pressure on the heart.

Couples try new positions for adventure in the sex life but it is often dangerous which can impair blood flow. The pressure on the heart increases. In such a situation be a little cautious about such sex positions. A report from BAC Medicine found that Viagra affects not only the private part but also the heart.

Which can cause a heart attack affecting the thickening process of the heart muscles. In this case, use this pill after consulting a doctor. Couples often get involved in wild sex to add excitement. This puts more pressure on the body emotionally along with the physical.

Which affects the speed of blood flow which speeds up the process of pumping blood to the heart. After a limit it can take the form of an attack. If you feel pain or pressure in the chest during sex, it is advisable to stay in such a position. And the matter should be shown to the doctor immediately.

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