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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Believe in astrology or not, know here all the things related to it…

You must have heard all the people saying that I do not believe in astrology. 
But in such a situation a question arises that after all what is the difference in life by not believing in astrology? Talking on this issue, astrology expert Pragya Vasistha clarified all the things. Learn about them here.

Pragya Vashistha says that there is a common belief about astrology that it tells about the future. But astrology is not limited only here. In fact, astrology is the field of study of planets, zodiac signs, constellations. In it, Panchatatva - sky, air, fire, water and earth and all the three natures vata, pitta and kapha studied all the functions of human life from birth to death. Goes. Whether you believe astrology or not, but the truth is that every person is directly or indirectly connected to astrology.

No one is untouched by astrology

You can consider this a great example of a farmer. The farmer who may not even know the meaning of astrology properly, but he also grows his crop according to the seasons. Mass and seasons are determined by the speed of the Sun and the Moon. The truth is that all the work of the pastoral world is done through astrology. Even animals and birds are attached to it. No one is truly untouched by astrology.

No harm in not believing astrology

Now let's talk about that form of astrology in which it is considered to give information about the future. Whether you believe this astrology or not, it is entirely your decision. It will not hurt you in the same way as if you do not believe in any particular religion or sect and you do not follow its customs then it does not harm you. It is completely dependent on your will.

Believers get this benefit

But it can definitely be said that those who follow astrology, they can definitely get benefits through it. Because astrology is beneficial in every sphere of life and is about to show direction. It has been called Jyoti Shastra in the scriptures. It has been given the metaphor of the Vedas. If you have physical problems, astrology will not be able to do anything, it will be corrected by the doctor. But there is a possibility of physical suffering, so astrology can give you advance instructions to stay alert.

Astrology's role as a planner

Just like the meteorological department prepares you for that by giving prior information about the typhoon and storm, similarly the astrologer also gives you the opportunity to prepare and prepare for it by giving prior information of the problems of the upcoming life. Astrology always plays its role as a planner in making life simple and running smoothly.

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