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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Be careful: avoid drinking too much tea, otherwise it can seriously affect your health

Generally, everyone has a habit of drinking tea as soon as they wake up in the morning. 
Anyone likes to drink tea these days, but there are also advantages and disadvantages to drinking tea every day. As the saying goes, anything is good in the right amount. Because eating and drinking anything at most can cause great harm to the body. In the same way, excessive consumption of tea causes great harm to the body. Importantly, if you are tired from work or have a headache, tea will definitely give you refreshment at such times, but apart from this, drinking too much tea also harms the body, the disadvantages of which we will tell you.

Acidity and sores

We often complain that drinking tea causes acidity. In addition, drinking hot tea can cause peeling in the mouth, which can lead to eating problems.

Problems with gas in the stomach

If tea is drunk on an empty stomach, it causes many ailments like stomach inflammation, gas, sour belching, bile. There is also the possibility of getting a dangerous disease like cancer.

Adverse effects occur on the kidneys

Drinking too much tea can also have a bad effect on your kidneys. This is especially true for diabetics. This is because if diabetics drink too much and too much hot tea, it has a direct effect on your kidneys.

Drinking too much tea weakens your bones

A study on tea in England found that drinking too much tea weakens the bones of the body. According to a study in the British Journal, drinking too much hot tea has a serious effect on the ducts that connect the stomach, leading to serious diseases such as stomach cancer.

Drinking too much tea causes irritability

You may have often noticed that some people get angry as soon as they are called, which means they are frustrated. Then their eating habits are responsible for this. Drinking too much tea can make a person irritable.

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