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Friday, February 26, 2021

After 19 years, such a dangerous yoga composed of two planets, will have bad consequences

All the zodiac signs influence the planets from one zodiac to another. 
But due to the combination of two planets, many times such a dangerous yoga is formed due to which zodiac signs may have to face bad results. According to astrological calculations, Angarak Yog 2021 is formed after the complete 19 years with the combination of Mars and Rahu. Such yoga was formed 19 years ago in 2002. Since, on 22nd February, Mars has come from his own sign Aries in Taurus and Rahu is already in this zodiac. In such a situation, Rahu and Mangal are meeting here, which is making Angarak Yoga. Angarak yoga, composed of the union of two planets in Taurus, will remain until April 13, 2021. Which can have many bad effects. With the creation of this yoga, natural disasters are also born.

Yoga is dangerous In
astrology, this yoga is considered inauspicious and dangerous. The formation of this yoga corrupts the intellect of the person and the behavior of the person becomes violent and aggressive. If the measures are not taken in time, then the natives may face the bad consequences of yoga for a long time. This dangerous yoga affects the family life of a person, causing all the difficulties.

The transit of Venus in Capricorn,
along with the combination of two planets, Venus has recently transited in Capricorn which will remain in effect till 15 March 2021. Lord of Aquarius is Shani Dev and there is friendship between Venus and Shani. In such a situation, auspicious effect of Venus will be seen in the sign of Saturn, Venus is considered to be a factor of material comforts and prosperity. Women will get progress from this and rights will increase.

Disasters will be born
even though there is a possibility of some Mars due to the friendship of Saturn and Venus. But Mars and Rahu's combination in Taurus will show the effect on the weather. Natural disasters can cause havoc in some states. The meeting of these two can see the return of winter in some parts of the country. According to astrology, the combination of Mars and Rahu is not good and this indicates road accidents, fire incidents and natural disasters. That is, as long as Mars and Rahu are in Taurus, the natives may have to face bad results.

Note: The information in the article is based on general information. does not confirm its veracity.

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