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Sunday, January 3, 2021

When using WhatsApp payment, keep these things in mind

New Delhi: A lot of new features have been found this year for WhatsApp users. Disappearing with the payment feature and the Store Management Tool were well received as soon as it arrived. People were eagerly waiting for the payment feature of the recently launched WhatsApp. In this, the user can easily transfer money during chatting. The user will not need to go to other Payments Apps. It works like Paytm and Google Pay. The company has launched this service for 20 million customers out of 400 million web users. If you also use the digital payment feature of WhatsApp, then you need to know some things.

Number linked to the bank
If you use WhatsApp Payment then it is important that you have a bank account and mobile number which is linked to the bank. You will need to add your bank account and set UPI. If you already have a UPI passcode then you can use it.

The feature works on UPI,
Google Pay, Phone Pay, this feature of WhatsApp also works on UPI. So now you will not need to keep money in the wallet. Fresh UPI ID will be created after registering for payment. You will be able to see this ID by going to Payments section in the app.

Second user is not able to send money on WhatsApp Payment even
if you have to transfer money to someone and the user in front is not registered on WhatsApp Payment, you can still transfer money. For this, you can use the Enter UPI ID. It will work exactly like the rest of the apps.

What will be
the limit for transactions from UPI to payment up to 1 lakh. Which also applies to WhatsApp like other apps. Please tell that UPI is a free facility. It is not taxed. In this, you can also send money by registering bank account number and IFCC code. At present, this feature is not available on WhatsApp.

You can use in India, you can use
the payment feature of WhatsApp only for the linked Indian phone number of the Indian bank account. If there is an international number, you will not be able to pay it.

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