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Monday, January 11, 2021

Vastu Tips: These measures will eliminate the inauspicious effects of south facing house…

Dakshinmukhi plots and houses are often available at affordable prices to people. 
Because according to Vastu they are considered inauspicious. It is believed that there is no peace in such houses. People are surrounded by diseases, growth is disrupted, family tribulations and accidents increase. Although this is not completely true. If the south facing house is bought or built keeping some rules of Vastu, then it can also prove to be very auspicious for you.

Know why it is considered inauspicious

The south direction is considered to be the direction of Yamraj and Yamdoots, as well as Mars in the south, which is a very radical planet in itself. Apart from this, the south pole is also in this direction, which has a negative effect on us. It is said that the way the energy of the body is drawn by footing in the south, similarly the south facing house also draws the energy of the people living in that house. The effect of Mars increases anger among family members and leads to mutual quarrels. Apart from this, due to the direction of Yamraj, there is also the fear of accidental death.

These measures will remove bad effects

1- Whenever you take the south facing plot or house, keep in mind that its main entrance is always in an igneous angle ie south east direction. This will end the negative effects of the South. Remember that the door should never be in the south west direction or south west direction, otherwise the house will not be fruitful.

2- Whenever you build a south facing house, build the house by about one to two feet high from the ground. This will reduce the blame. If you want to give a little slope for cleanliness, then give it only towards north, east direction or north east.

3- Never allow the drainage of dirty water in the north or east direction. Make a drain from the east northeast by crossing the boundary wall and keep the flow towards the igneous or make a drain from the north northeast and drain it towards the north.

4- Put a picture of Panchmukhi Hanuman Ji at the main entrance of the house. Also, keep in mind that some space in front of the house remains vacant. If there is a green tree of neem at double distance from the gate in front of the south facing house, it reduces the architectural effects to a great extent.

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